Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tall Girls with Short Hair

Woohoo, I got my hair cut....just in time for winter, hehe. It was short before, but now it is shorter.

The irony of it is that I adore long hair. I just love the images of young maidens with their long tresses blowing wildly about them in the breeze.....but the fact of the matter is that I look better with short hair. Every couple years I forget this fact and try to grow it out long, but then the sight of it shocks me back into reality. Oh well. On the plus side, it is a lot easier to manage. :)


Yukie said...

I like your hair style. You look fresh and short hairstyle suits with you:) I envy you because I don't suit the short-hair with me^^;

Jake Daniels said...

I agree -- it looks good, though I'm now pretty curious as to how you'd look with long hair.

I usually get the same question about football, by the way. I'm not tall, but I'm pretty strongly built. Also, this is The South. I've got my one year as a lineman to fall back, though.

KT. TallGirl said...

Long hair, to me, is so much easier to manage but at the same time, I feel so sassy in short hair. Ha!

This is great discussion topic! Thanks for dropping by

Christine said...

Love the hair K! That's a good picture of you!!

Talk to you soon! Hope you're having fun! C

Jake Daniels said...

To further reply: Well, down here in Alabama, football is the next most important thing to air. So if a guy is in his early twenties, six-or-more-feet-tall, and looks to be about 200+ pounds, it's almost a given that he's had some experience between the uprights.

My response is usually something casually dismissive like, "I played for a year, had a good time with it, but my main sport has always been martial arts." It tends to put a damper on the sports talk.

Anonymous said...

I do prefer girls with short hair - not as short as mine, but also not too long ;-) - but I find it interesting that you care so much about your size and the length of your hair. I say that these things are not so important to a guy, really. What is more important for me as a guy is the face, especially the eyes of a girl. Within a 10th of a second I decide if I want to know more about a person or not. The hair length doesn't matter. I don't know if this makes me a special person or if it just marks me as a guy with not enough knowledge of human nature.

Kalyn, you are a big winner, if you believe it or not. You're beautiful, so don't waste thoughts on nonrelevant things.

Rob from Germany

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful, and you should know that.

Not Rob from Germany.