Monday, December 29, 2008

At the Airport

I was flying home last week after visiting family for Christmas. Waiting in line to board the airplane, I asked about some information from a fellow passenger, who happened to be a tall young gentleman. He answered me with a much friendlier smile than the question warranted, and I could tell that he was obviously appreciative of seeing a female of his stature. He got in line behind me.

(Hi? hmm, he must be interested). "Hi."
"You know, you are very-"
"No, don't say it. Don't say it!" (I was feeling a little playful)
"....Beautiful. You thought I was going to say tall, didn't you?"

Ha! Not a bad pickup line actually, but I wasn't swooned.


yukien said...

Interesting! I think the man said it honestly because you are beautiful:) I like tall woman !!

KT.TallGirl said...

He was trying to be creative. I give him an A for effort :)

Anonymous said...

I wrote in my last comment some days ago that you're beautiful. As you see, I'm not the only one recognizing this. Guess what? We must be right! And size doesn't matter.

Rob from Germany

IseeU said...

Oh i love it when people try to be all sneaky and stuff one time this guy said can i ask you a question ( and i was sure he will ask me how tall i am) but he instead asked me do you play the violin? lol and he too also said you thought i will ask you how tall you are didn't you?

Anonymous said...

That's great Kalyn! I love your tall girl blog. Hope all is well with you dear friend.