Monday, December 8, 2008

Tall Equality

As a tall girl, people ask me all the time about my height. Apparently, it is very unusual for a female to be so tall. But what about tall guys? Is it unusual for them to be so tall too? Do they get all the questions like I do? I often wonder about this. My educated guess is that for guys of my height (6'3") people probably don't think anything of them being that tall. However, for extremely tall guys (6'8" and above) maybe it is a different story. Any tall guys out there feel free to weigh in on this.


Jake Daniels said...

Out of curiosity, what sort of questions do you get on a regular basis? Wish I could add to your post more, but I'm a mere 6'.

Yukie said...

One of my old friend, his height was 6'4 and everyone said he was cool because he was tall. For me it is not important tall or small for man and woman. I have some tall girl friends too. I think they are cool.

Dan said...

I'm 6'6". I had a business associated who was 6'4". Who would constantly get the comment/question, "Gee you're tall. How tall are you?". To which she would occasionally reply, "Gee you're fat. How fat are you?"

Anonymous said...

I'm 6'5" and have been taller than most from about 5th grade on. I love being tall and can't imagine being under 6'. Yes I get them silly questions a lot (Did you play missed your calling...etc)

Bottom line is a tall woman will get more attention than a tall man because it is more rare. As such, she should feel special...and us tall guys would appreciate it if she would go for a taller guy.

A friend of mine married a taller girl then him...he's 5'9" and shes 6' and they always look mismatched in their pictures. When we would be in a picture together, everybody (including her MOM) would say "Boy, you two take such great pictures!" Proof is in the pudding...listen to mom!